Out now - "Crap, Scrap and Unforgivable Slaughter vol.2" 12"

"This is the follow-up to the 2003 cover 7" on First Blood Family. This time around the band has set their aim for the 80's Nordic scene and have taken on one track each from Missbrukarna, Bannlyst, War of Destruction, Rattus and Purrkur Pillnikk and put them through the crust as fuck filter that is the Warcollapse sound."

Get it from Blindead Productions or PAS-83 Productions.

At lastů.on vinyl!!!! Crust as fuck existence. Limited in 514 copies. 99 ex with screened cover and red/black vinyl and patch....the rest in black vinyl. Get it from Insane Society Records (www.insanesociety.net) or PAS-83 Productions.


After a long time of musical fuck ups and mentaly breakdowns the new LP and CD - "Defy!" is out. Get it from Profane Existence or PAS-83 Productions. See SOUND for two mp3 versions.


Dates on the Warcollapse world tour:


If there is anyone out there who have pictures or videorecordings of Warcollapse, please get in touch or send them to the Warcollapse adress. We appreciate all material and would be most greatfull if you can help us outů Cheers!