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Tidaholms finest has recorded Stonerpunk:
SubAlert - Stonerpunk

Discover covers "Encaged" and "Warcollapse":
Discover - Encaged + Warcollapse

Attitydproblem cover "Booze Violence Misery":

Discover - "Rewinding history". Somewhere even Jalle is growling:

Another version of "Warcollapse" by Hibakusha:
Hibakusha - Warcollapse

Protest take a shot on "Rewinding History:
Protest - Rewinding History

The outstanding band Sound Your Alarm covers the song Tranquillized:
Sound Your Alarm - Tranquillized

The band WarheL play the Warcollapse song "Warcollapse":

Chaotix from Brazil cover the Warcollapse song "Nauseating Nightmare":
Chaotix - Nauseating Nightmares


Warcollapse - Live at Balkanikacore 2009:

Warcollapse - THC + Långsam Död. Live at Punk Illegal, june 2009:

Warcollapse - Sprit, våld och elände. Live at Punk Illegal, june 2009:

...and another Booze, violence and misery. Live in Gothenburg january -09:

Warcollapse - March of the doomed. Live at Truckstop Alaska nov.-07:

Warcollapse - Tranquilised and Defy! Live in gothenburg january -09.

Warcollapse - Live at "Play fast or don't #3" festival, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic:

Another Warcollapse shot from "Play fast or don't #3" festival, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic:

Warcollapse - Live in Jönköping:



Unofficial MySpace pages with some Warcollapse songs:

"Phetamine Rush"....Another fan video....This time from CrustDust. Take it for what it is:


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